Hi, Debbie here

I’m a digital nomad, marketing strategist and online entrepreneur since 2016.

That’s way before the pandemic strikes. Today, I’m teaching others to do the same–

To live a fearless life of opportunities without boundaries, and still earning good money while you’re off chasing sunsets and sunrises.

All my business are self-funded, and I have never run ads to attract prospects–maybe i will in the future for experiment sake 🙂

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If you’ve got questions and doubts about “taking the leap” and believing in your journey, follow me on Instagram (@debbieangcom) and shoot me a DM…or simple email me at hello[at]debbieang.com.

Quit overthinking and forge forward with the right mindset and actionable plan so you can achieve your location-independent lifestyle soon!

If you’re not doing this for yourself now, you should be doing this for your future self and/or your family’s well-being.

Debbie Ang | About Me

Know the real me

What's your education background?

I have a Bachelor’s in Education and Master’s in Linguistics.

What about your Enneagram type?

The Challenger– Type 8, Wing 7

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Night owl. Always been a night owl.

What inspires you?

Kick-ass, strong women figures. Think Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Amelia Earhart.

Myers-Brigss results?

ENFP (the campaigner)

What do you do when you're not working?

I read, watch documentaries, and explore new software. I also love exploring unchartered territories and hidden gems in every culture. I’m generally a curious person–so I’m always on-the-go to find inspiration and connection.


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