Hi, Debbie here

I’ve been a digital nomad, online marketing strategist and entrepreneur for about 5 years plus.

That’s way before the pandemic strikes. Today, I’m teaching others to do the same–

To live a fearless life of opportunities without boundaries, and still earning good money while you’re off chasing sunsets and sunrises.

All my business are self-funded, and I have never run ads to attract prospects–maybe i will in the future for experiment sake 🙂

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If you’ve got questions and doubts about “taking the leap” and believing in your journey, I can help you quickly dissect what you need now to get started. In just 15 minutes, you should be able to get the clarity you need, and move forward with the right decisions so you can achieve your location-independent lifestyle.

If you’re not doing this for yourself now, you should be doing this for your future self and/or your family’s well-being.

Debbie Ang | About Me

Know the real me

What's your education background?

I have a Bachelor’s in Education and Master’s in Linguistics.

What about your Enneagram type?

The Challenger– Type 8, Wing 7

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Night owl. Always been a night owl.

What inspires you?

Kick-ass, strong women figures. Think Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Amelia Earhart.

Myers-Brigss results?

ENFP (the campaigner)

What do you do when you're not working?

I read, watch documentaries, and explore new software. I also love exploring unchartered territories and hidden gems in every culture. I’m generally a curious person–so I’m always on-the-go to find inspiration and connection.


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